Fall in love with goddess skin, premium naturalistic cosmetics [SUPE:]

Pure energy gifted by nature, SOOFE'E

Birch sap, given by the ‘Goddess of the Forest’, contains various minerals and abundant nutrients to make the skin clear and lively like pure white and deliver healthy energy as it is.
SOOFE'E is filled with birch sap grown by hand to deliver natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

Beginning of SOOFE'E Indeungsan Birch Forest

Indeungsan is the birthplace of SOOFE'E, our forest where numerous birch trees live.

It was the waiting and devotion that has been going on for more than 40 years that has transformed a bare mountain into a lush birch forest.

The birch draws nourishment from the earth to blossom and bear fruit even in the coldest weather.

SOOFE'E wants to deliver the original energy of nature with birch sap obtained from our forest.


PHILOSOPHYHealthier and more honest with our forest’s natural raw materials

Cosmetics are like making food. Just as good ingredients are selected for the food that my family eats, SOOFE'E will only contain ingredients that can be used with confidence.

BI GUIDEIt is a modular unit that can be easily assembled by anyone and can be combined with various standards.

SOOFE'E [Soo;Pe], which comes from the natural pronunciation of 'to the forest', contains the heart to share the beneficial things obtained from our forests as they are.

REAL NATURENatural cosmetics, true or false?

  • Q.

    Did you know that even if it contains only 1% natural ingredients, it can be advertised as ‘natural’?

  • A.

    For this reason, the number of products promoting 'natural', 'natural' and 'naturalism' is increasing rapidly.

  • Q.

    Then, what is the most important thing to consider when choosing natural cosmetics?

  • A.

    It is to carefully examine the ingredients and content. Be sure to check and select how many natural ingredients and ingredients effective for your skin are included in the actual product.

  • Q.

    What is the content of birch sap in the Bottisu Mask?

  • A.

    Tips for women who read the ingredient list - How to calculate the content of cosmetic ingredients




The birch sap collected from birch trees grown by SK forest for 40 years has about 20 skin improvement effects, including moisturizing, skin improvement, soothing, and anti-aging effects.

product lineup

  • 1
    elastic line

    Botisu Mask, Pronutrition Ampoule, Promoisture Cream

  • 2
    moisturizing line

    Natural Birch Tree, Moisturizing
    (Toner, Lotion, Essence, Cream, Gel)

  • 3
    vitality line

    Birch tree with forest (toner, emulsion, essence, cream)

  • 4
    calm line

    Phyto Birch Tree Soothing
    (foaming cleanser, dual base, serum, sun essence, cream)



  • Q.

    Where can I get SOOFE'E's birch sap?

  • A.

    SK forest collects directly from the birch forest that has been carefully cultivated for 40 years in Mt. Indeung, which is a very clean area.


  • Q.

    Why is birch sap on the skin?

  • A.

    Birch sap contains various minerals and rich nutrients, so it provides moisture to dry skin and helps soothe irritated skin.


  • Q.

    What are the skin active ingredients contained in birch sap?

  • A.
    K Ca Na Mg Fe Glucose Fructose
    82.40 91.30 22.23 17.07 0.09 5.07 4.51

    * Unit: Mineral-ppm, Sugar-g/L (It may vary depending on the collection period.) (Source - Korea Forest Service, administrative publication registration number: 31400-52510-67-9502)


  • Q.

    What kind of skin is birch sap good for?

  • A.
    • Skin that needs moisturization
    • Skin that needs quick soothing from external stimuli
    • Those whose skin is tired from chemical ingredients
    • Skin that needs nutrition and elasticity
    • The face pulls easily and the skin is brittle
    • Skin with broken skin balance due to oil-moisture imbalance


  • Q.

    How can I use it better?

  • A.

    Just like drinking water when your skin is thirsty or tired, you can use it regularly at any time.