Management Practice
Based on SKMS, we strive to create greater value for all of our stakeholders, play an instrumental role in social and economic advancement, and contribute to the wellbeing of humanity.
In this context, we established the Code of Ethics to serve as our guide in pursuing and maintaining integrity in all of our everyday business decisions and actions.
  • Code of Ethics
    It is the highest regulation that stipulates the practice of ethical management in relation to all stakeholders, including members, customers, business partners, and society.
  • Practice Guidelines
    As a member of the SK forest, we provide the right criteria for action and judgment.
  • Code of Ethics for Partners
    Our partners should also make efforts to comply with SK forest-level ethical standards.
a code of ethics
  • 아이콘 아이콘
    Guiding Principles for Our Employees
    We, as the proud members of SK forest, shall faithfully perform our duties with a sense of responsibility and belonging
    • We shall value fairness and transparency in every decision-making and action.
    • We shall respect fellow employees and actively cooperate to create an inspiring organizational culture.
  • 아이콘 아이콘
    Pursuit of Superior Customer Experience
    We shall focus on enhancing customer satisfaction to earn customers’ trust and ultimately achieve continued progress with them.
    • We constantly effort to provide the products and services that customers need.
    • We shall take various customer’s feedback into consideration and reflect them in our businesss activities.
    • We shall securely protect our customers’ assets and personal information based on relevant laws and our internal regulations.
  • 아이콘 아이콘
    Pursuit of Coprosperity with Business Partners
    We shall seek to build a win-win relationship with our business partners and fairly against our competitors.
    • We shall offer equal opportunities for all of our business partners, refrain from abusing our superior position, and pursue mutual interests and coprosperity.
    • We shall engage in competition in good faith with our competitors based on mutual respect.
  • 아이콘 아이콘
    Pursuit of Greater Shareholder Value
    We shall work to ensure transparent and efficient management to create greater value for our shareholders.
    • We shall maximize our corporate value through continued innovation and efficient management and share the outcomes with our shareholders.
    • We shall ensure transparent management led by the Board of Directors and respect our sshareholders’ reaseonable requests and suggestions.
    • We shall create all of our management-related materials in compliance with relevant laws and standards and faithfully disclose related date as mandated by law to protect our shareholders’ interests.
  • 아이콘 아이콘
    Pursuit of the Wellbeing of Society
    While making contributions to economic development, we shall remain dedicated to bringing positive change to our society by practicing management aimed at growing and thrving together with the communities we serve.
    • We shall strive to ensure the wellbeing of the entire society by engaging in a wide range of community outreach activities.
    • We secure trust from society and develop together through disaster-free pursuit and eco-friendly management.
    • We comply with all laws and regulations in the area where we operate our business and respect the traditions and culture of the community.
  • 아이콘 아이콘
    Supplementary Provision
    The Guidelines on Practicing the Code of Ethics shall be put into operation to help our employees accurately understand and comply with the Code of Ethics.
    • This Code of Ethics shall take effect on December 1, 2023.